Powering Texas with clean,
reliable and affordable energy

The Temple I Power Plant is a natural gas-fueled, combined-cycle facility that utilizes advanced technologies to generate power in a low-carbon and environmentally responsible manner. 

Strategically positioned in Temple, TX., adjacent to the I-35 corridor and in one of the 10 most concentrated and rapidly growing population centers in the country, the Temple I power plant is equipped with modern, flexible, and efficient gas and steam turbines in combined cycle configuration with advanced emissions-control technology, placing it in the class of the cleanest natural gas-fueled plants in Texas.

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Temple I Power Plant

“We are extremely passionate about innovating the energy industry for the production and delivery of low impact, sustainable energy. The Temple I Power Plant allows us to deliver exceptional grid reliability and leading ESG standards with the ability to directly certify our emissions footprint at each step in the value chain.”

Chris Kalnin, CEO of BKV Corporation