The Temple I power plant began operating in 2014 and is located on 250 acres adjacent to the I-35 corridor and in one of the 10 most concentrated and rapidly growing population centers in the country. It is a safe, modern, and efficient facility that runs on clean-burning natural gas and utilizes combined cycle technology to generate power from both  gas and steam turbines, producing up to 50 percent more electricity from the same fuel source than a traditional simple-cycle plant. The Temple I plant also utilizes advanced emissions controls equipment that results in lower greenhouse gas emissions.

In 2021, BKV Corporation and Banpu Power US Corporation purchased the facility. Today, the Temple I plant generates enough energy to power 750,000 homes across central Texas, providing essential resources to customers, commerce and the community. It is also one of the power plants that operated reliably during the infamous Texas freeze in February 2021 to deliver much-needed power to the ERCOT grid.

Map of Temple Plant

Our Partners

BKV Corporation logoBKV Corporation 
Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, BKV Corporation (BKV) is a privately held natural gas exploration and production company that seeks to deliver reliable, sustainable energy to the community. Founded in 2015, BKV has over 200 employees across the U.S. that are committed to building a different kind of energy company. BKV is one of the top 20 gas-weighted natural gas producers in the United States and the largest natural gas producer in the Barnett Shale. BKV Corporation is the parent company for the BKV family of companies. For more information, visit www.bkvcorp.com.

Banpu Power logoBanpu Power US Corporation  
Banpu Power Public Company Limited is a leader in power generation and distributor in Asia-Pacific, including Thailand, Lao PDR, China, Japan, Vietnam, Australia and USA with a position of We ARE (Affordable, Reliable, and Eco-friendly) Power for a Sustainable World. For more than two decades, BPP has been committed to operational excellence to achieve efficient power generation while deploying high-efficiency, low-emissions (HELE) technologies that are safe and environmentally sound in accordance with its Greener & Smarter strategy. The Company is continuously moving forward to reach a total equity-based power generation capacity of 5,300 MWe within 2025. As of 31 March 2022, Banpu Power’s assets totaled THB 76,205 million, an increase of THB 1,339 million compared to the total assets as of 31 December 2021. For more information, visit www.banpupower.com.